About Us:

Hello, and welcome to CharcuterieHub.com – My name is Kevin. I started CharcuterieHub.com to blog about my experience with Charcuterie. I have enjoyed putting together charcuterie boards for years, and decided I would share my love of it to others. I was getting asked a lot by friends and family about putting together charcuterie boards for parties, or occasions and get togethers – so I decided to create my own website about it.

My Love For Charcuterie Boards:

My love for charcuterie comes from my passion for crackers and cheese. Two of my favorite things combined with other sides such as breads, honeys, mustards and combinations of meats, cheeses, crackers and more. An excellent party snack or for most any other get together.

I love to share in both pictures and words everything I can about charcuterie boards – and I hope you enjoy it as well.